Carpool Guy

Challenging Corporate Personhood

The Appeal

Jonathan Frieman contested his citation in Marin County Superior Court on January 7th, 2013, stating that, because California's Vehicle Code defines a "person" to include "natural persons," and "corporations," he was was legally qualified to drive in the HOV lane-- there were two persons (as defined by state law) in the car at the time!

Nevertheless, Jonathan was still handed a "guilty" verdict and instructed to pay his $478 fine or appeal the Superior Court's decision to Marin's appellate court. Fortunately, this was all a part of Jonathan's plan-- in fact, he has been purposefully driving in the carpool lane with a corporation as a passenger for 10 years

On Tuesday, February 5th, 2013, Jonathan and his attorney Ford Greene filed a notice to appeal his guilty verdict to the Marin County Appellate Court. Should they lose the appeal there, Jonathan plans to appeal once again to the Circuit Court and eventually all the way to the California Supreme Court if he has to.

Stay tuned for more updates about The Carpool Guy's case!


Essentially this is the summary of the case argument.